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Digital Health Apps

Imagine the competitive advantage of knowing how a new therapy performs in different demographic groups, how well patients tolerate the therapy, or the impact that comorbidities can have on patient outcome – without having to go through lengthy and expensive clinical trials.

Medical device manufacturers are adding patient sensors and mobile applications to their products, and forward-thinking pharma companies are partnering with these manufacturers to co-package their therapies with companion devices.

These sensors monitor the effectiveness of a therapeutic regimen in real-time, while monitoring patient adherence to the protocol. With this data, pharma companies can help improve patient outcomes – while protecting their revenue stream.

At Bold Type, we deliver technology that allows pharma and medical device companies to maintain their competitive edge while developing targeted therapies and digital health apps that support public health.

We’re experts at developing sensors and companion apps for medical devices, and connected wireless devices are our specialty. Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you succeed.