Developers for wireless, connected medical devices and digital health apps to speed up your time to market

We elevate your team’s development capabilities to ensure the best possible product and seamless FDA clearance faster than doing it on your own.

We simplify and accelerate the complicated process of developing wireless, connected medical devices

90% of medical device and digital health companies fail… because they encounter unexpected delays in a years-long process, which eat up additional capital.

Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Companies underestimate the necessary balance across the three factors of development:


77% of development costs are devoted to FDA related activities. Focused Ultrasound Foundation


Poor usability can delay FDA clearance and limit market adoption.

Technical Advancement

New technologies are disrupting previous versions at a blistering pace.

Medical device development is a process. We drive that process with you.

FDA regulations and oversight are strict. The ability to quickly develop a product with the necessary documentation and testing is critical to a successful launch.

Partnering with Bold Type will ensure you:

Meet all FDA requirements for fast clearance and smooth audits

Bypass technical hurdles that cause months-long delays to your process

Avoid usability and security risks

Why cloud connectivity
is a medical device

New technology makes it easier than ever to make medical devices wireless and cloud connected. In this video we cover the 3 areas that have enabled this advancement and how you can apply that to your medical device. Watch To Find Out

Which 3 questions should you ask before picking a developer?

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Jose Bohorquez, PhD

Jose, with more than a decade's experience as executive and technical contributor, founded Bold Type to help medical device companies flourish

Mohamad Foustok, PhD, ABD

Chief Software Architect
Mohamad, a 25-year software architect and engineering leader, has profound expertise in embedded software, mobile apps, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

Andres Echeverry

VP, Product Development
Andres, a 15-year veteran spanning the full cycle of product development from product strategy to R&D to product launch, leads your strategic initiatives.