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An Attic Full of Medical Device Innovation – and a PhD Thesis

A few weeks ago I turned the big 4-0, so I figured I’d go big and share my PhD thesis with you all:

Before grad school, I’d had the good fortune to work on medical devices at GE Healthcare and on wireless chips at Bitwave Semiconductor.

My awesome advisors at MIT allowed me to bring those two worlds together resulting in my doctoral thesis: “Digitally-Assisted, Ultra-Low Power Circuits and Systems for Medical Applications.”

The three and a half years it took me to finish my PhD were the most eventful of my life. I got engaged, married, had my first daughter, and my wife was 9-months pregnant with our second daughter when I defended my thesis.

After getting married, my wife and I rented a house in Winchester, MA with a finished attic.

I spent most of my last year at MIT in that attic writing this thesis and making progress on a startup I co-founded with two other grad students and a Harvard Med School professor.

Needless to say, I was working long hours, so getting to work from home was a great blessing. I could take short breaks throughout the day to spend with my wife and daughter.

More than a decade later, I’m still focused on medical innovation, and I’m back to working from home and spending my breaks with the kiddos.

I guess the more things change…