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Developers for wireless, connected medical devices and digital health apps to speed up your time to market

We elevate your team’s development capabilities to ensure the best possible product and seamless FDA approval faster than doing it on your own.
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We’re not going to shout to catch your attention and interest.

No, because we know specializing in product development for connected, wireless medical devices so well, you’ll see it immediately in our eyes.

Why? Because we recognize patterns and constructs after having developed so many devices. Describe your concept and sit back. You’ll know we “get it” within our first 30 minutes together.

What People Say

If I develop a connected medical device, I'll have Bold Type build it. I've interviewed hundreds of medical device experts – yet Jose Bohorquez's team stands alone with cloud-connected devices.

How heartily do I endorse Bold Type? I'll personally pay your invoice if you're not completely satisfied after a month.

How's THAT for an endorsement?!

Joe Hage

Chair, Medical Devices Group (355,000+ members)

An emphatic Yes! to Bold Type, the most knowledgeable, effective, budget-conscious, expedient, connected medical device developer I know.

In fact, Bold Type is so  dedicated to product development excellence, I enlisted them to develop our entire platform. Bold Type gets my highest recommendation for connected, wireless medical device product development.
Marc Beer

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, Renovia