Whether you're a global healthcare company looking to accelerate innovation or a med-tech startup seeking an edge, we have the firepower to help you tackle the hard technology challenges.


IoT Enabled medical device product development

The Internet of Things will revolutionize healthcare. The decades old dream of remote monitoring is finally becoming a reality thanks to the infrastructure development underway as part of the IoT revolution. Bold Type is uniquely positioned to help you bring IoT enabled medical devices to market. We have an FDA and ISO13485 compliant quality management system in place and all the experience required to take your product from concept to FDA approval and volume production.


Technology moves at the speed of light. Your team needs to focus on the next product launch, but while they do so others continue to innovate. Let us focus on evaluating the wider landscape to look out for threats and identify opportunities. 

Device discovery and concept development

You've identified a real clinical need in a large and growing market. Now comes the fun part: finding a solution that meets that need, while also meeting your business objectives. We can help you develop or license technology to get a more compelling product to market faster. And along that journey, we can help you develop a robust IP portfolio to thwart present and future threats.

Preclinical research and prototyping

You've got to walk before you run; especially in healthcare. Rapid prototyping allows you to learn fast and iterate, gathering performance and user data along the way to support regulatory filings. We can lead this process or support it to help you iterate faster and with lower costs. 

Connected Health analysis and development support

The trend is clear: medical devices and consumer products are converging. That convergence will rock how healthcare is delivered, and will create tremendous opportunities as a result. Our experience in both markets allows us to provide you with unequal guidance and support.