The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and it's already huge. Already topping $900B in 2016, the IoT market is estimated to exceed $3T by 2020. From smart homes to smart cities, from consumer products to manufacturing, all aspects of the modern economy are set to be revolutionized through IoT integration. We're here to help you implement IoT into your products and business. 


IoT in Consumer Products

Whether your building a product for the smart home or a smart wearable, we can help you identify the right solution. From chip and protocol selection, to app integration, prototyping and launch, we've been there and done that. The costs of mistakes are too high to go it alone.  

Smart Enterprise and Industrial IOT

IoT innovation is poised to change markets from media and advertising to logistics and manufacturing. Accenture estimates that Industrial IoT (IIoT) will expand global GDP by $12T by 2030. Companies that embrace IoT and implement it wisely will boost revenues by increasing production, creating new hybrid business models, fueling innovation, and transforming their workforce.  But where do you start? Should you buy an off-the-shelf solution or build your own? Should you embrace one of the nascent protocols or go with a proprietary solution? Avoid the costs of delays and mistakes by letting us help you make those critical decisions. 

Healthcare IOT estimates that the healthcare IoT market will reach $117B by 2020. It's clear that consumer products and medical devices are converging and generating tremendous amounts of data in the process. But there is no doubt that the healthcare market presents challenges that are unique. Security, privacy, and regulatory compliance are key, but so are interoperability, user experience, and data standardization. We can help you navigate these challenges and develop strategies to create value through IoT integration while navigating risk.